SILVER LINING Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream

By psa

Even breakouts can have a silver lining. With this formula, blemish-busting actives help to fight breakouts and allow you to maintain clearer skin over time. Use as an all-over treatment moisturiser, or a preventative cream for consistently clarified and hydrated skin.

This formula “fast-forwards” the three phases of blemishes by:

1. treating & soothing breakouts;
2. fading the appearance of post-blemish marks;
3. helps prevent future breakouts.


Blemish-busting Colloidal Silver, Lactobacillus Ferment & Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) fight all types of imperfections – from active breakouts to blackheads - while Willowherb and Tamanu Oil soothe the affected area.


Dioic Acid & Niacinamide work on the skin to fade the appearance of leftover blemish marks from the inside out.


1% Zinc PCA regulates sebum production and draws out impurities, minimizing the occurrence of future breakouts.

This lightweight cream absorbs quickly into the skin, allowing it to retain moisture and hydration while also activating to fight blemishes. It can be used underneath make-up, but we recommend not covering up blemishes to avoid pilling and further aggravating breakouts.

Directions of use:
Apply a hazelnut-sized amount all over face after cleansing, mist/toner and serums, avoiding the sensitive eye area (AM/PM). If desired, follow up with face oil. Always finish with SPF in the morning.