Restore Collection

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The Restore Collection is the newest build on our all-time favorite Essentials system. Focused on renewing vitality and healing damaged hair, this collection is formulated with pure, carefully- curated ingredients that lock in moisture, dissolve scalp build-up, and restore shine.  For best results, use all three products in the collection as part of your overall hair wellness routine. However, as always, these products can also be used individually.


+ Cold Processed® Scalp Renew (1.2 fl oz): An exfoliating treatment that gently resurfaces scalp irritation and rebalances excessive oiliness or dryness
+ Conditioning Hair Mask (4.5 fl oz): A deeply conditioning mask rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that restores dry and damaged hair. 
+ Cold Processed® Stem Cell Serum (2.2 fl oz): This potent serum harnesses the self-rejuvenating power of apple stem cells and antioxidant-rich leaf extracts to reduce signs of hair thinning, dryness, and fallout.