PSA Silver Lining Bundle

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By psa
For clear skin that lasts, plus the glow of a facial, the PSA Silver Lining Bundle has you covered. It includes a winning combination of our NEW SILVER LINING Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream, plus our GOALS Multi Acids & Probiotics Perfecting Night Serum. Combine the two together for clarified skin that is truly brighter each day.

During your PM routine, use GOALS Multi Acids & Probiotics Perfecting Night Serum to prep skin before moisturisers and facial oils. Use GOALS consistently 1-2 times in a week to achieve that post-facial glow by exfoliating, brightening, and wiping away dead skin cells for a smoother, brighter-looking complexion.

Follow it up with our new, one-stop formula for lasting clear skin: SILVER LINING Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of our newest cream formula all over your face to soothe sensitised skin, fade appearance of post-breakout marks, and help prevent future breakouts. Blemish-busting actives help to fight breakouts and regulate sebum while allowing you to maintain clearer skin over time. This formula is powered by an all-star lineup of ingredients like 4% Dioic Acid & Willowherb Complex + Vitamin C + Silver + 1% Zinc PCA. Can be used AM/PM.

As always, remember to wear SPF the next day over our products.

Both products in this routine are vegan.