PSA Clarifying Routine

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Clearer, smoother, hydrated, and glowing skin every day. That's what the PSA Clarifying Routine is curated for. This regimen includes our new SILVER LINING Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream, RESET Acai & Manuka Honey Nourishing Cleanser, THE MOST HYALURONIC SUPER NUTRIENT HYDRATION SERUM, and GOALS Multi Acids & Probiotics Perfecting Night Serum.

Start with RESET Acai & Manuka Honey Nourishing Cleanser. Day and night, gently cleanse skin with this nutrient-dense blend of Acai Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Manuka Honey UMF 16+, Yoghurt, Grapeseed Oil, Lecithin Phospholipids, which together remove makeup, impurities, and sunscreens without stripping away the natural nutrients of the skin.

Don't forget to stay hydrated! THE MOST HYALURONIC SUPER NUTRIENT HYDRATION SERUM delivers a Hyaluronic Acid Complex and a replenishing dose of nutrients that plump juiciness back into dehydrated skin, leaving it smoother than before. Layer it on before your moisturising step.

Next, use our one-stop formula for lasting clear skin: SILVER LINING Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of our newest cream formula all over your face to soothe sensitised skin, fade appearance of post-breakout marks, and help prevent future breakouts. Blemish-busting actives help to fight breakouts and regulate sebum while allowing you to maintain clearer skin over time. This formula is powered by an all-star lineup of ingredients like 4% Dioic Acid & Willowherb Complex + Vitamin C + Silver + 1% Zinc PCA.

During your PM routine, use GOALS Multi Acids & Probiotics Perfecting Night Serum to prep skin before moisturisers and facial oils. Use GOALS consistently 1-2 times in a week to achieve that post-facial glow by exfoliating, brightening, and wiping away dead skin cells for a smoother, brighter-looking complexion. Use it in combination with THE MOST to help absorb more hydrating actives.

As always, remember to wear SPF the next day over our products.

All products in this routine are vegan, except for RESET.