A true luxury experience.

Amangiri is a true luxury experience. It offers a true escape from the world, where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Utah.

The hotel offers a variety of experiences, including yoga, hiking and horseback riding to name just a few.

Secluded, but close to a slew of activities.

Amangiri is located in Canyon Point, Utah. The property is 40 minutes from Grand Canyon South Rim and 3 hours from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.

This may be a deal breaker for some travelers, but if you're looking for a secluded getaway, this is not the place for you. Though it's not close to any major cities (there's no town nearby), there are plenty of activities within an hour drive: hiking trails, hot springs, museums and more.

The ultimate in indulgence.

The resort staff is known to go above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels taken care of and comfortable. As part of this philosophy, they use only local ingredients to create their dishes at Amangiri Kitchen (which has an open-air kitchen). These ingredients are purchased directly from nearby farms such as Red Butte Garden or Nibble Inc., which make available unique fruits and vegetables grown privately within Utah's borders.

Stunning Interior and Exterior Design

As you approach the Amangiri Hotel, you’re struck by the building’s architecture and design. The exterior is inspired by the earth, while the interior is inspired by the desert. The architecture is modern and minimalist with huge windows that allow guests to take in views of Canyon Point or gaze at the sky through panoramic glass floors.

In addition to its stunning views, this luxury hotel offers a breathtaking interior design that adds another layer of awe to your stay. The rooms are spacious with high-end materials such as marble flooring and wood furniture that blend seamlessly with accent pieces made from local stones found nearby in Utah’s canyon country region (we recommend checking out their Instagram page for more info).

Incredible Dining Options

In addition to the stunning views and top-notch service, the food at Amangiri is a true luxury experience. Whether you're relaxing on the patio with your significant other, or having a business lunch with colleagues in one of their many meeting spaces, everything about your dining experience will be incredible. The views are breathtaking; the atmosphere is sublime; and your server will be attentive without being overbearing. There's no question that this restaurant deserves its ranking among the best restaurants in Canyon Point!

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