A pair of wrap-around sandals

If you're looking for the perfect summer sandals—ones that are sustainable, comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced—then consider these wrap-around sandals by Reformation. They can be dressed up or down and go with just about any outfit you have in your wardrobe. The best part? They're made from recycled leather, making them an eco-friendly choice. And they come in two different colors: black and nude.

A bodysuit made for dancing

How to pull this off: Try wearing it with a pair of vintage jeans or your favorite skirt, depending on what you're getting into. If you're hitting the town, wear it tucked in to your high-waisted trousers so everyone can see the intricate cutouts and low scoop back. You know that feeling when you buy a new outfit that fits just right and makes you feel sexy as hell? That's how you should feel when rocking this bodysuit. If you try it on and don't feel like doing your signature dance move immediately after, return it for a different size or design until it feels perfect.

A floaty jumpsuit for when it gets too hot for pants

A floaty jumpsuit is a summer must-have. They are easy to wear, super comfy and work for a wide variety of occasions, from an evening out to a backyard barbecue.

This particular piece is great because it has a flowy fit, making it perfect to throw on when it gets too hot for pants but you still need something that's not just shorts or a bathing suit. It comes in three colors and features cute details like tortoise shell buttons and front pockets.

Summer's LBD

If you're going to invest in one timeless piece that will never let you down, it's the little black dress. Its versatility is unmatched and it can easily be dressed up or down from day to night, season to season—but summer is when this classic style truly shines. Reformation's take on the LBD comes in the form of a jumpsuit, a one-piece outfit that has exploded in popularity over the past few years and is now a go-to for celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift.

The beauty of the jumpsuit is that it takes all of the work out of dressing yourself: no matching tops to bottoms (or having to choose between them), no worries about your shirt rising up over your midriff while you're dancing with friends later in the evening. Plus, this cute summer version incorporates an off-the-shoulder silhouette which gives it an effortless touch perfect for catching those lazy summer day vibes or sipping mojitos by the pool. Pair with sandals for daytime or stilettos for nighttime—either way, you'll be set for any occasion.

A blazer that can be worn as a dress or a top

A blazer is an essential wardrobe staple—it can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt to make the outfit feel more polished, or you can even wear it alone as a dress. This particular jacket is made from linen, which means it's breathable but still structured enough to hold its shape.

The most fun part about it? It has snaps on the sides that you can unsnap to turn it into a duster. Nobody will ever know it used to be a blazer when you're walking down the street in this breezy summer staple.

A set of swimsuits you'll want to wear all weekend

If you love the look of swimsuits but aren’t necessarily in a beach vacation state of mind, pairing one with some high-waisted jeans is an easy way to have fun with your favorite suit. The goal here is convenience, so it makes sense to find swimwear that you can wear all day without constantly readjusting or feeling uncomfortable. Reformation’s bikinis are a smart choice for this purpose because they fit like second skin, allowing you to move freely and focus on whatever else life throws at you.

The real perk of wearing swimsuits outside the water is that your options for styling them are much broader. You can layer tank tops over your bikini top (or vice versa), toss on a pair of high-waisted shorts or wide-leg trousers and run around town with ease. Also, don’t forget about accessories—they can spice up even the most basic bikini for a more elevated look.

While making use of their versatility, keep sustainability in mind too: Reformation uses 78 percent less water than traditional clothing production processes, and their materials are sourced from deadstock fabrics (meaning leftover materials from other companies) whenever possible.

Reformation has some great options for summer clothes.

When it comes to summer, shopping sustainably doesn't have to be boring. The Los Angeles-based clothing brand Reformation has a whole offering for the season. Filled with frothy sundresses, breezy tops, and floaty skirts, you won't want to take any of these off through the summer months (and thankfully, since they're made from sustainable fabrics like recycled denim and Tencel lyocell you can feel good about wearing them over and over). With a fresh take on trend-forward silhouettes that are both stylish and comfortable, this is truly one of those collections where you can shop guilt free.

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