Lab diamonds are a great alternative to mined diamonds. They are not only more affordable, they're also ethically sourced and environmentally responsible. Plus, lab diamonds can be customized in any way you want them—which means your options for creating that perfect ring or necklace are limitless. So if you've ever considered a lab diamond but haven't pulled the trigger yet, this article is for you: we'll explain why buying lab-grown gems is so advantageous for buyers and sellers alike.

1. Lab diamonds are more affordable

Lab diamonds are much more affordable than mined diamonds. If you're on a budget and want to buy a diamond, lab-grown stones can be an excellent choice. They provide the same brilliance and luster as mined diamonds, but they cost up to 70% less! This is because they're grown in a lab under controlled conditions, whereas natural diamonds come from the earth with their own unique flaws and imperfections.

They also have fewer imperfections than other kinds of gemstones like sapphires or rubies which means that when it comes time for resale there will be less re-cutting needed before being sold again. You might even get some money back if you ever decide to sell your stone after all this time—but don't worry about having any regrets about buying one because even if that day never comes, you still won't feel like it was wasted money either way since these gems look just as beautiful now as they did when first purchased!

2. Lab Diamonds Are Ethically Sourced

Lab diamonds are the real deal and they’re 100% conflict free. That means they’re not mined from the earth, which eliminates any potential for human rights abuses at the hands of diamond miners who are forced to work in terrible conditions and treated like slaves. In addition to being conflict free, lab diamonds are also eco-friendly—they don’t contribute to environmental degradation, nor do they pollute our planet. Lab diamonds grow in a laboratory using synthetic carbon-based gases under high pressure and temperature that mimic those found deep within Earth's crust where real diamonds form naturally over millions of years... no harm done!

Lab diamonds aren't just better for our environment; they're also better for you since you won't have to worry about paying outrageous prices for them (since there's no need for expensive mining operations) or risking getting swindled by an unethical dealer who sells fake "conflict-free" stones instead of real ones (remember: all lab grown stones are truly authentic). And since these rocks are grown in laboratories under controlled conditions, experts can ensure that each stone has the same chemical composition as its natural counterpart so you know exactly what you're getting whenever you buy one.

3. Lab Diamonds Are Environmentally Responsible

One of the biggest reasons to purchase lab diamonds is that they're one of the most environmentally friendly jewelry options available. Lab diamonds aren't mined; instead, they're created in a laboratory by replicating the conditions that allow mined diamonds to form naturally. Because lab-grown diamonds are made from carbon (a renewable resource), they have no impact on our environment and can be recycled at any time.

The process used to create these synthetic stones means that there's no need for harmful mining operations or deforestation, which means you'll never have to worry about how your purchase affects the world around you.

4. Lab Diamonds Are the Future of the Jewelry Industry

The lab diamond industry is the future of the jewelry industry. It gives consumers the ability to purchase a beautiful, ethical and environmentally friendly diamond without having to sacrifice their budget. Lab diamonds are also more ethical because they're grown in a clean environment instead of mined from the earth like traditional diamonds. They're also less expensive than mined diamonds because they can be mass produced in a lab setting, which means that you pay less per carat than what you'd normally pay for an equivalent size diamond mined out of the ground. As you can see, there's no reason not to buy lab diamonds!

5. Lab Diamonds Can Be Customized

Resale value: The resale value of lab diamonds is comparable to that of natural diamonds, although not as high. This is because they're slightly more common and therefore less rare than their natural counterparts.

Color, clarity and cut: You have the ability to choose all three characteristics of your lab diamond—including the color, clarity and cut (which determines how well light penetrates the stone). These are all important factors when determining value and impact on appearance.

Setting materials: You can also choose from a variety of setting materials like platinum, white gold or yellow gold. A platinum setting will make your diamond appear whiter and brighter than a setting made from another metal material such as white or yellow gold due to its nonreactive nature with carbon atoms in certain kinds of crystals (i.e., diamonds). This means that any impurities within these minerals won't change their structural properties over time as much as they would if exposed directly under sunlight for long periods at low temperatures like those found outdoors during winter months throughout parts north america where snow covers roads extensively each year which often results in traffic delays due road conditions being slippery making driving difficult without traction tires equipped with studs attached allowing traction even when wet snow covered roads causing accidents at times but these can be avoided by using studded tires instead!

There are a lot of good reasons to buy lab diamonds

  • You can buy a great diamond at a great price

  • You can get an ethical diamond

  • You can get an environmentally responsible diamond

  • You can get the future of the jewelry industry

In conclusion:

When you purchase a lab diamond, you’re buying a diamond that is ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable. You’re also getting the best bang for your buck because lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds. And if all that isn’t enough reason to choose lab diamonds over mined ones, then maybe knowing that they can be customized will tip the scales in their favor!

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November 03, 2022 — Muse and Glam